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Experience the Spiritual Serenity of Myanmar

This article highlights the largest country geographically in mainland Southeast Asia; a Buddhist country lying between the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator. It is a naturalist's delight with many bird species, home to tigers, leopards and elephants and was formerly known as Burma. You have probably guessed by now that our newsletter is focusing on Myanmar. The largest city of Yangon longest canal in the india busiest canal in the world largest man made canal in the world deepest canal in the world, or Rangoon, is situated in Lower Myanmar between the Yangon and Bago rivers. It remains relatively undeveloped with leafy avenues and colonial architecture from its British Colonial past, which makes English widely spoken as the second language, after Burmese. Trishaws are still a means of public transport in the townships. Yangon is busiest during the Pagoda festivals from November to March when the city is frequented by pilgrims from all over the country. Even if you are not here during Pagoda festival season, a visit to the splendid golden Shwedagon Pagoda is a unique experience. An atmosphere of calm spirituality shrouds the Singuttara Hill on which it stands and while children play and monks sit on the steps in their robes chatting, others are deep in prayer at one of the many shrines. Better known is the city of Mandalay in the center of the country. Immortalized by Rudyard Kipling, and sung about by Sinatra, it is known as the Golden City, which immediately makes one curious to visit. It is the economic hub of Myanmar, known best for its millionaires, monks and the Royal Palace, which is a sight to behold. The complex has several queen's chambers, a moat, shady gardens, sheds for elephants, throne halls and a monastery. The vermilion-colored buildings with their golden dragon-edged roofs will take your breath away. Cruises down the Irrawaddy River from Mandalay take visitors past the 2500 year old civilization which lines the banks. Some 94 miles (150 km) further south, the city of Bagan has the amazing sight of some 2200 Buddhist pagodas lining the riverbank, so crowded together that they become a forest of spires, chedi and pinnacles. Although much of this city has fallen victim to fires and earthquakes, what remains is still one of the world's greatest archeological sites. Yet another side to Myanmar is Lake Inle, some 120 miles (192 km) south east of Myanmar. A world away from the congested cities, the tribal people live on man-made floating islands which are anchored to the lake bed by bamboo poles which eventually take root. The civilization, about the size of Manhattan, is in a time warp of subsistence fishing and farming, but the people offer nothing but smiling faces. Although motorized boats are used for long journeys, mostly local transport along the canals and between villages is done in flat-bottomed canoes. The best-known of these communities is Ywama because of its floating market which arrives every 5 days. The hardworking Intha people pile their boats high with rice, melons, flowers, tomatoes and leafy greens for the locals, and bamboo hats, Burmese cigars, silk and cotton sarongs and carved buddhas for the tourists. If you miss this itinerant market at Ywama, you may come across it at one of the other villages nearby. Lake Inle also has many temples and monasteries on stilted foundations. Nga Phe Kyaung is the most unique of all the stilted wooden monasteries. Known as the 'Jumping Cat Monastery' visitors are entertained by the monks' cats who have been trained to do various amazing tricks. 

Greatest Attractions for Tourists in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is the second most visited province in India for tourism. There are some great attractions for tourists and travelers from overseas and inland in the state. With an annual growth rate of over 16%, This state is on the rise and the state is already at the second spot on the tourism map of India. Visited by tourist, travelers, people on holidaying program, those arriving for treatment as well as business, Even this splendid destination has everything to offer for the visitors. For instance; many people visit the state to have eye treatment at the famous Shankar Netralaya while many others find the experience of shopping electronic goods at the capital city of Chennai wonderful. Multiple Reasons for Visiting Tamil Nadu In fact; people visit Tamil Nadu for multiple reasons that include tourism, pilgrimage, as gateway to the neighboring country Sri Lanka or for visiting the Andamaan and Nicobar islands in the Bay of Bengal, visiting the hill stations, or the series of temples. Another reason for visiting here could be enjoying exotic sea beaches in Chennai, Pondichery, Madurai, Rameswarm, or Kanyakumarika. It is also a very lucrative place for businessmen from all over the country and world. Major Tourist Attractions Numerous tourist attractions exist in Tamil Nadu. Besides wonderful coastline along the Coromandel Coast it is also flanked by the Eastern Ghats. Some of the great tourist attractions in Tamil Nadu are as follows. • Trekking and enjoyment of abundance of flora, fauna, and natural spots like waterfalls and lush green landscapes in the Nilgiri and Annamalai hill ranges. • Historical places reminding one about the great Chola, Pandya, and Pallava dynasties. • Queen of hill stations in South India Ooty and a series of other hill stations. • Marina beach in Chennai and such other golden shining beaches with foaming white waves in Mahabalipuram, Pondichery, Madurai, Rameswaram, and Kanyakumari. • World famous Meenakshi Temple in Madurai, Parthasarathy Temple in Chennai, Bridge of Ramachandra on the sea at Dhanuskodi, and a series of such other temples. • Experiencing delicious South Indian cuisines and the Dravidian culture and heritage in the festivals and social celebrations too. Growing Numbers of Visitors With its long 1000 kilometer long coastline, vibrant culture and traditions, picturesque hill stations, many temples with great architectural features; all comprising great tourist attractions in this destination, the number of visitors are consistently growing in the state.

Advantages of Nuclear Power

Nuclear power has several unique advantages over other mainstream power-generation technologies. Nuclear energy is an extremely concentrated form of energy and hence the fuel required in a nuclear power plant is very small indeed. And because the fuel used is extremely small in quantity, the waste produced is equally negligible. While other industries, including power utilities using coal or natural gas, dump their massive amounts of waste products into the atmosphere, nuclear industry, on the other hand, responsibly manages its extremely little waste generated, storing it safely and securely at site without polluting the environment. As a matter of fact, the waste generated in it is not really a waste at all, but can actually be used as 'fuel' for the next stage. It requires very small area of land - an area not more than what a small housing colony would typically occupy. Compared to this, other energy-generation technologies, especially renewable sources like solar or wind, occupy enormous areas of land - typically several hundred times more than a nuclear power plant. Also, hydroelectricity (water dams) submerges vast areas, causing loss of valuable productive and fertile land as well as natural forests. Nuclear power is a sustainable source of energy, as it has the potential to serve mankind for hundreds or even thousands of years - that is, long after all the fossil fuels are gone. Cost-wise also, nuclear provides electricity at economical rates, comparable to other mainstream technologies,whereas wind and solar are comparatively far more costly. It produces electricity reliably on '24x7' basis and supplies base-load power to the grid, whereas solar power is not available on cloudy days and during nighttime, while wind turbines need constant wind or at least strong breeze, which is not available all the time. The world today faces the challenge of producing electrical power and using energy in ways that do not harm the environment. The first and foremost advantage of nuclear power is that it is a clean, pollution-free source of power. As you must all is aware that greenhouse gases cause warming of the earth's atmosphere and this warming is primarily responsible for the phenomenon of climate change. The biggest threat to the stability of global climate is indeed posed by human activities - especially the enormous amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas released into the environment. Carbon dioxide is produced by the combustion of fossil fuels (which are carbon-based fuels) like petroleum, coal, natural gas, etc. The advantage of nuclear energy is that the power produced in it does not use any carbon-based fuel, and thus in nuclear power generation, there is no emission of CO2. Electricity generation through nuclear power route has yet another advantage, as nuclear power plants do not emit ozone-depleting substances like methane, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), nitrous oxides, etc. It also do not contribute to acid rains, as they do not emit toxic and corrosive gases like sulfur dioxide (SO2) or oxides of nitrogen (NOx). 

What's So Great About Yankee Stadium Cufflinks?

If your wedding is just round the corner and you don't know what to gift your gang of boys, then, here is something to think of - how about a pair of Yankee Stadium Cufflinks? If you love baseball, chances are, so does your mate. For people who love the game, anything that has to do with their favorite team and their favorite game is like manna from the heavens. According to a die-hard Yankee fan, "as soon as I saw the Yankee stadium pen, I knew I had to have it. Both my girlfriend and I share a passion for the game. So, when she showed me this collector's item, I knew I had found something really precious". Yankee stadium cufflinks and stadium seat pens are the perfect gifts for men who love baseball. These cufflinks and pens are made from salvaged wood from the seats in the stadium. It might interest you to know that, in 1973, it was decided that the Yankee stadium would get plastic seats. For this, existing wooden seats had to be ripped off. These wooden seats, however, have been witness to many absorbing games. So, they hold a piece of history, which is why Bill Hartel decided to salvage these wooden seats and convert them into pens and cufflinks. This was Hartel's way of keeping history alive - and many Yankee fans would agree that this was a cool idea indeed. Yankee stadium cufflinks and stadium seat pens are a fitting yet elegant homage to one of America's greatest pastimes. Since these pens are made from wood salvaged from the seats, no two pens are the same. They are unique because the wood grains are unique to each pen. This makes them the perfect collector's item. Many men admit that these pens and cufflinks capture a slice of history and that they revisit memories associated with games at Yankee stadium when they see these memorabilia. In order to drive home the significance of the item, each pen has its history laser engraved on it. The name of the stadium and its year of existence are etched on the pen. This is a great way of wearing a piece of baseball history on your arm. In some cases, you may even personalize these pens by etching your own name on the pen. 

Flights to Delhi and the Indira Gandhi International Airport

Arguably the number one destination for flights to India from the UK is Delhi. Flights are now readily available from most UK international airports including: Birmingham Bristol Glasgow Leeds Bradford London Gatwick London Heathrow Manchester Newcastle Direct flights to Delhi from the UK should take between 8.5 hrs to 9.5 hours depending on your actual airport of departure, plus wind and weather conditions. Many flights offered online will not fly directly to Delhi but will involve at least one stop en-route, usually in the host country of the airline. The duration of these non-direct flights will of course be determined by the number and length of stops. Be sure to check the flight itinerary when booking your flight. Non-direct flights will often, but not always, be cheaper. The Indira Gandhi International Airport - All UK to Delhi flights, will arrive at the Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL), terminal 2. Renovation of the international terminal of Delhi Airport, is finally complete although many further improvements are planned. The airport has been notorious for the huge congestion, chaos, noise, slow progress and long queues. The private airport operator Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) claims that these issues are now a thing of the past. That however remains to be seen. I have heard that the number of immigration counters has now been increased but is still a bottleneck. More immigration officials have been employed in an effort to improve the problem. Likewise the number of departure check-in counters has gone up, but be sure to arrive in plenty of time. It is still unlikely that you will enjoy a quick passage through the airport whether arriving or departing. In the Arrival Visitors Area of the International Terminal you will find banks, bureaux de change and ATMs. ATMs are also available within the domestic terminal if you are transferring to an internal flight. The Domestic Airport comprises of Terminal 1A, Terminal 1B and the domestic arrival terminal. Domestic flights of the Indian National Airlines and Alliance Air operate from Terminal 1A. Jet Airways, Air Sahara, executive aircraft and private aviation companies operate out of terminal 1B. You will find the Domestic Terminal is just 5km (3 miles) away from the International Terminal 2. A free bus service connecting the two operates every 30 minutes. The city centre is 16 km (10 miles) from the airport. Airport buses leave for central Delhi, operating 24 hours a day and with a transfer time of approximately 45 minutes. Metered taxis can be found outside the airport, but in order to eliminate any uncertainty over fares, it could be considered preferable to use pre-paid taxis available via the taxi counter in arrivals. The journey time by taxi to the city centre is around 30 minutes. Delhi is often seen as the gateway into India, but is worth considering as a destination for your holiday. There is much to do in and around the city and the surrounding areas. Places of interest abound, museums, ancient monuments and bazaars then in contrast, 21st century glass and steel shopping malls. 

Famous Historical Destinations of India

All across the globe, India is famous for its stunning historical monuments all which reflect a rich cultural heritage. This is mainly due to the fact that all through the past, India has been ruled by many different rulers, all of whom have left their mark in the country. Therefore, year after year thousands of national and international tourists tour India simply to see the beautiful masterpieces of ancient times. Though there are many places across the country which you can visit while holidaying in India, nevertheless, the following are the most preferred tourist destinations that you should not miss at any cost. 1) Taj Mahal The first and the foremost place to visit is the Taj Mahal. Beautifully designed, this masterpiece situated on the banks of river Yamuna houses the tomb of Mumtaz Mahal, the wife of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. He had built this monument as an expression of his love for his wife. Built in the year 1653 AD, the Taj Mahal is made up of white marbles carved with intrinsic designs. It took around 22 years and 20,000 workers to be built and looks the best when seen under moonlit night. So, do not miss this piece of amazing workmanship while in India. 2) Hampi Hampi, presently a village, was once the capital of Vijayanagar Empire, a famous Hindu conglomerate. It has some captivating remains of the ancient civilization, interestingly intermingled with large boulders that rise up all across the region. These remains which date back to around the 14th century, stretches almost for 25 about kilometers. However, there are more than 500 monuments present in this small stretch. Hampi has always been a highly important religious place due to the presence of the Virupaksha Temple. This ancient temple, built in the name of Lord Vishnu has a main hall with 56 pillars that makes musical sound when struck. 3) Khajuraho Temples These sandstone temples dating back to the 10th and 11th century are the only ones that remain out of 85 temples constructed during that time. Mostly, there are 3 groups of temples; the western temples, the eastern temples and the southern temples. The western group temples are the main ones that feature the wonderful Kandariya Mahadeo Temple. On the other hand, the eastern group contains a number of elegantly sculptured Jain temples. However, there are only two temples in the southern group. 4) Ajanta and Ellora Caves These historical masterpieces are carved from hillside rocks and contain paintings and sculptures. There are 29 caves at Ajanta which date from 2nd century BC to 6th century AD whereas Ellora has 34 caves dating between 6th to 11th centuries AD. All the caves at Ajanta depict Buddhist culture whereas the caves at Ellora are a mixture of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain culture. 5) Fatehpur Sikri Though presently, the Fatehpur Sikri has a deserted look, it was once the proud capital of the Mughal Empire during the 16th century. Established by Emperor Akbar, Fatehpur Sikri was formed from the twin villages of Fatehpur and Sikri. The emperor did this to pay a tribute to the famous Sufi saint, Sheikh Salim Chishti when he accurately predicted the birth of his son. With a history spanning for over 3000 years, India has always been renowned worldwide for its culturally rich heritage. In addition to the lofty mountains and fascinating sand dunes, the age old historical monuments of India have managed to attract a large number of tourists from across the world. Visiting these places will leave you with lasting memories that you will cherish throughout your lifetime. 

The State's Role in Economic Development

Where a country's economic development is concerned, many players have significant roles in determining the level of this development, and one of them includes the state. The state's role in promoting economic development is a complex topic which can be critically explored. Economic development, in huge part is due to the entry and investment of foreigners. Firstly, the state helps development by being the architect of the national economy, meaning through the government's implementation of various policies and regulations which boost economic activities. Some policies include industrial policies such as 100% foreign ownership of Transnational Companies(TNCs) who reside in the home country or tax exemptions for a number of years. Trade policies are extremely common and these include minimizing import and export tariffs or providing generous export subsidies to boost consumption of foreign goods and thus increasing the need to conduct cross-border trade, which then increases the flow of capital, goods and services to propel the country to a higher stage of economic activity. The above is seen in majority of the world's countries, Singapore included. After Singapore gained independence, the government was quick to promote a conducive business environment in hopes of becoming an economic hub. They offered incentives such as 40% corporate tax on foreign TNCs, comparatively lower than many in the West, and also set a low profit tax at around 17%. Export subsidies were generally given as the government rewarded those who ventured into trade with almost half of production costs subsidized for some. This boosted Singapore's exports, also lowering its costs which highly increased the attractiveness of local goods to foreigners. This has set the foundation for our export-oriented economy which has done wonders for our Gross National Product(GDP) growth. In a way the state, via the above policies have allowed us to be the richest country with the highest GDP per capita, close to $50,000, showing an advanced level of economic development. The state's role goes on further to include being a provider of the necessary infrastructure that proves conducive to attract maximum Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) via TNCs. This includes the deliberate setup of science, technology and business parks or Export Processing Zones(EPZs) and Special Economic Zones(SEZs). In Taiwan, the state has played an extremely significant role in leveling their economic development via setting up the Hsinchu Science-based industrial park(HSIP) in 1980. The government started out by launching a publicly-financed firm United Microelectronics Corporations(UMC). Then they complemented this by emphasizing the joint-venture of Phillips(European) and Industrial technology research institute(ITRI) to form Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporations(TSMC). TSMC has become the core of the Taiwanese electronics industry,attracting 2850 diaspora who contributed to 97 new businesses(40%) being established. Today the revenue of Taiwan's electronics industry make up about 30%, a bulk of their total GDP. Obviously this has been a propellant to Taiwan in terms of economic development and status. Now that the role of the state has been partially examined, we can examine the differential roles of various states in countries in terms of their effectiveness of carrying out these roles. There is a distinct disparity in economic development between some states which have implemented similar policies meant to attract investments and such. We can make a comparison between Mexico and China. China's economic development is far ahead of Mexico though both have adopted EPZs. China's government dedicated the Pearl river delta in Guangzhou where agglomeration of manufacturing industries can be seen. The huge cluster of manufacturing buildings are focused on assembling raw materials into finished products such as sports shoes for export to USA and other countries. Nike, Adidas, majority of sports brands and Apple company(Foxconn in pearl river) have their manufacturing processes located there. One reason for China's greater effectiveness of its EPZ is that unlike Brazil, they have much laxer labor laws and environmental regulations. In a recent survey, several workers in Foxconn said that they are regularly asked to work up to 12 or more hours a day, 6 days a week, receiving only $0.50/h to meet sudden changes in demand trends. Rules concerning pollution levels by factories are loosely enforced as seen from the pollution of the pearl harbor river which has been found to have about 7 times as much harmful toxic chemicals as the recommended safe level. Generally, though China has promised to improve the conditions of workers and such, the truth is that they are simply too money-oriented to strictly enforce these rules. Due to this inbred industrial culture, foreign TNCs have exploited this socio-economic comparative advantage to set up labor-intensive manufacturing, as they know they can adjust their supply quickly without getting into overly bureaucratic processes or worse, trouble. Brazil on the other hand have not hit such an effective implementation of their EPZ, the maquiladora in Mexico. The technological and amenities infrastructure could not meet the long-term expectations of TNCs. It was common to have at least 1 or 2 electricity blackouts in a week which caused constant disruptions in supply. Unlike China who invested constantly to update relevant infrastructure to meet TNCs' expectations, Mexico could not provide comfortable equipment for many TNCs to use, especially those who were thinking of venturing into even higher-tech activities. Their attractiveness eventually lost out to China, causing over 350 plants to shut down. Despite having established the critical role of the state in a country's economic development, we have to acknowledge that this role does not belong to just them. Another equally significant player is TNCs, in terms of operational structure and activity organisation. This can be illustrated through examples, like Dell and many others. Dell has adopted vertical disintegration, outsourcing the manufacturing processes to less developed countries(LDCs) despite many of them not having top-notch infrastructure. In the case of Bangalore, India, Dell outsourced their research and development(R&D) there despite their history of regular electrical breakdowns similar to Mexico. Their rationale was that they had other R&D niches in developed countries(DCs) also and the cost of the plant in India was relatively low. Also they wish to tap on India's reputation of an intelligent pool of specialists in hope that they can help invent popular new products using innovative technologies. Since the benefits of the plant far outweighed the cons to Dell authorities, in this case India's economic development was boosted without the need for the state to play their role of provision very effectively.

Traditional Costumes of Different States of India

India is a land of multiplicity that enjoys a variation in its every aspect. In fact, dressing sense in India also varies with region, religion and community. Indian ethnic wears portray a beautiful mix of cultures as India has been exposed to various cultural influences. Each state of this country has its own culture, customs and lifestyle that can be seen in its fairs, festivals, traditions and dressing sense. Like everything, each region of India has specific attire attached to it. These dresses not just represent culture of the region but also designed as per the climate of the place. Origin of these dresses are completely unknown, however, they carry an individual charm in them. Explore costumes of different regions of India. Costumes of North-East India North-East India is comprised of seven different states Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram and Nagaland. For these states, ankle length skirts, jackets and traditional caps are the key dresses that are main draw for the tourists. Costume of Nagaland also includes shawls that are an extensively used item in this state. In Arunachal Pradesh, there is trend of wearing various accessories including silver rings, earrings made of bamboo-bits, red beads and lovely turquoises. Costumes of North India North region of India witnesses great cold as some hill stations fall under this part of India. Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhanda and Jammu and Kashmir are the cool states of North India where costumes made of wool, silk with elaborate embroideries and cotton are worn. In these mountainous regions, thick dresses are worn. In Jammu-Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh, pashmina shawls are very popular. Punjab is also a prominent state in North India that is known for its exclusive dressing sense. The main outfit of Punjab is Salwar Kameez with lovely Phulkari work. Traditional wear of Delhi is Chudidar, salwar-kameez and dupatta. Costumes of East and Central India In this part of India, Sarees are the most common attire to be worn. Though, wearing style of sarees in different states vary yet they all wear them in their traditional functions or regularly. In Rajasthan, locals love to wear ghagra, in Madhya Pradesh; they wear Bandhni clothes, Chanderi Sarees and Maheswari Sarees. Costumes of West India Costumes of western India are very different and ethnic. These costumes carry a nine yard sari called Nauvari Saris that are regarded as the traditional costume for the women. Dhoti and shirt are the traditional costume of the men. The fabric of Nauvari Saree is cotton. In special occasions, fabric of silk is given priority. For Maharashtrian men, carrying dhoti is like upholding their heritage culture. Costumes of South India Due to its warm climate, costumes of South India are made of cotton and are light in fabrics. Sarees for woman and dhoti and lungi for men are very common. Kanjeevaram Silk is a famous fabric for sarees that seems very appealing to eyes due to its rich textures, colors and exclusive designs. In this part of India, people from all ethnic beliefs wear the same kind of dress. Not simply dresses, everything about India is simply great. Book online flights for any state of India and get a chance to explore its beautiful aspects. 

Places to Visit in India - Top Six Places to Visit on India Tours

India is a globally famous tourism destination. It appeals and attracts tourists and vacationers from all over the world with its numerous attractions like heritage monuments, religious monuments, historic cities, historical places, beaches, backwaters, hill stations, art & architecture, culture, tradition, history and many more. There are many fascinating tourist places to see India you will love to visit, explore and enjoy them on your tours and travels in fascinating country of India. Let's have a look of top 6 places of tourist interest in India. 1. Jaipur - The capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur is also famously known as the Pink City of India. It is one of the most popular tourist places to see in India. It is known for its attractions like City Palace, Amber Fort, Jal Mahal, Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Nahargarh Fort, Albert Hall Museum, Jaigarh Fort, Birla Temple, etc. The city also boasts some of world famous heritage hotels offering excellent accommodation facilities to travelers. 2. New Delhi - It is the capital city of India. It has been the seat of many kingdoms. It is an ancient city having lots of monuments, temples, and art & architecture attractions with other attractions to offer its visitors. The city enjoys pride with three UNESCO World Heritage Monument Sites. They are Red Fort (one of the most opulent mughal monuments in India), Qutub Minar (the longest brick & stone minaret in the world) and the Humayun's Tomb (a beautiful garden tomb built by Humayun's widow Hamida Begum). Other worth visiting attractions of New Delhi city tours are Rashtrapati Bhawan (President House), Sansad Bhawan (Parliament of India), Old Fort (Purani Quila), India Gate (an imposing Ware Memorial with gorgeous gardens in surroundings), Bahai House of Worship (Lotus Temple), Laxmi Narayan Temple (Birla Temple), Mughal Gardens, Gardens of Five Senses, Buddha Gardens, ISKON Temple, Lodhi Gardens, etc. It is one of the best places to visit India. It reflects truly charm of India tourism with its many attractions and vibrant blend of tradition and modernity. 3.Varanasi - It is a popular Hindu pilgrimage centre and world famous tourist destination situated in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. It is known for its temple attractions like Vishwanath Temple, Durga Temple, Bharat Mata Temple, Tulsi Manas Temple, etc. Other attractions in the city are Ganga Ghats, Sarnath (Buddhist Sites), Ram Nagar Fort, Benaras Hindu University, etc. The city depicts fascinating culture and tradition of India. It is also one of the oldest living cities in the world. Today it is considered to be as one of the most popular tourist destinations of India visits. 4.Agra - Agra is an ancient town and very fascinating travel destination situated in Uttar Pradesh, India. It also enjoys three UNESCO World Heritage Monument Sites. They are Taj Mahal, Agra Red Fort and Fatehpur Sikri. Taj Mahal is one of the most visited monuments in India. It is built in pure white marble and its beauty is matchless. This beautiful building was built by mughal emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his darling queen Mumtaz Mahal. It is the ultimate symbol of love with gorgeous pools and gardens in surroundings. Agra Red Fort was built by Akbar and famous for its excellent architecture. Fatehpur Sikri is an abandoned town situated in the outskirts of Agra city. Major attractions of Fatehpur Sikri are Buland Darwaza (the largest gateway in the world), Panch Mahal, Salim Chisti Mosque and ruins of many palaces and ancient monuments. Other attractions in Agra are Dayal Bagh, Rambagh, Itmad-Ud-Daullah Tomb, Sikandra Akbar's Tomb, Chini Ka Rauza, etc. Indeed Agra is a very fascinating tourist place to visit in India with lots of monumental attractions. 5.Khajuraho - It is a very fascinating tourist place to visit to India. It is widely acclaimed for architecturally beautiful temple complex with exquisite sculptures. The Khajuraho Group of Monuments is listed as UNSECO World Heritage Site. Tourists can see erotic sculptures carved on the exterior walls of the temple complex. 6.Ajanta & Ellora Caves - Ajanta and Ellora Caves are located near the city of Aurangabad in the state of Maharashtra. They are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. They depict excellent art & architecture of rich Indian cultural heritage. They are among top most visited tourist places to visit India. You will surly love to explore caves of Ajanta and Ellora on your travel and tours in beautiful country of India.

Scumbags At Gandhi International Airport

I highly recommend that those who travel to India contact their hotels and ask for airport pickups. After I spent about 3 months in India on and off, I personally believe that the vast majority of Indian people are honest and hardworking; however, there are those who try to take short cuts to money. For example, there are those who try to hassle tourists and make a lot of money. Cab drivers who come and pick up tourists at international airports are exactly those. I'd like to share a story to highlight this. I arrived at Indira Gandhi International Airport (New Delhi, India) at around 0:30 am on December 8th, 2006. Another flight just arrived at the airport, so there was an unusually long line at Customs. When I passed through Customs, it was close to 1:30 am. It also took some time to get my suitcase that day; workers at the airport apparently took a while to unload suitcases. As a result, I ended up leaving the airport at around 2:00 am. I contacted my hotel and asked for airport pickup a couple of days before my arrival, but I was unable to find anyone holding a sign that had my name written on. (Retrospectively speaking, I should have called my hotel to check to see if they sent someone to pick me up, but I did not.) So, I started looking for a cab driver. I found a man who told me that it would cost Rs. 95 (95 Indian Rupees) for me to get to my hotel; it was a reasonable price, so I went with him to the parking area; he phoned a driver, the driver came and we left for my hotel. I was thinking "Here I am. I'm in India!", but it did not turn out to be a nice short comfortable ride to my hotel. About 10 minutes after we left the airport, the man who told me that the cab fee was Rs. 95 suddenly told me that it would cost me Rs. 995. It is about USD 25, so it's not that expensive in US standard, but it is outrageously expensive in Indian standard. This was the second time that I came to India, so I knew that it was too expensive; as a matter of fact, given the distance, Rs. 95 should have been the right price. I was quite unhappy and I started arguing; I also said that I would not pay Rs. 995 and I was not going to. The man told me that he would not take me to the hotel and he actually told the driver to drive back to the airport. I was stunned, but we were back at the parking space of Indira Gandhi International Airport 10 minutes later. It was almost 3:00 am and it was rather cold outside. It gets rather cold in winter in Delhi; this is surprising given how hot it gets in summer, but it does get cold to such an extent that a couple of people freeze to death in some years. While the crime rate in India is lower than most countries, I did not feel comfortable walking around and finding another cab driver at 3:00 am in the morning. I also felt tired and I wanted to get to the hotel as soon as possible. At this point, I agreed with the man I met at the airport that I'd use a 3-wheeler instead of a cab with 4 wheels and I'd pay Rs. 450 including the tip. I left the airport for the second time and reached my hotel. I want to emphasize the fact that the vast majority of Indian people are honest and hardworking people. They are also kind; for example, one of my neighbors is a kind of person who brings me food so that I can get to know more about Indian culture. However, there are those who love to hassle tourists and foreigners, and there are too many of them in the hospitality industry. I'd risk saying that over 95% of cab drivers (including 3 wheeler drivers) are like that. They literally wait at international airports like Indira Gandhi International Airport all day long in order to hassle one or two tourists to make big bucks. You do not want to use their services (if you can actually call their services "services"). Those who travel to India, please contact your hotels and ask for airport pickups. 

Perfect Places to Visit in Ohio - Even With Kids

Did you know the absolute most intriguing spots to visit with regards to Ohio included manors? This is only one of the astonishing things you will get some answers concerning this state when you pick Ohio as your get-away goal. There are such a large number of exercises, occasions and celebrations just as regular locales to see that you won't have the opportunity to visit them all. That is OK in light of the fact that once you visit; you will need to return. Talking about strongholds as one of the spots to visit in Ohio, there are in any event six and perhaps more that you can look at. Sidney, Ohio is the area of one. The Great Stone Castle is likewise a quaint little inn so you can experience what it resembled for the individuals who delighted in stronghold life. The château is worked from limestone that is 18 inches thick. A gigantic patio folds over the palace and stone sections bolster this piece of the structure. The rooms have your very own private shower; they are outfitted with Victorian time furniture and have chimneys. One of the spots to visit in Ohio that you won't have any desire to miss is situated in Chillicothe. The Sugarloaf Mountain Amphitheater is the setting for Tecumseh. This show is a re-authorization of Tecumseh, the Shawnee clan pioneer. The time is the 1700s and fights are seething. You will consider the to be as they are shot and feel the beat of the pony's hooves as they jog through fight. This is an amazing show that you ought not miss. Sandusky, Ohio is the area to search out on the off chance that you have children. This is perhaps the best spot to visit in Ohio in the event that you need to see the "thrill ride capital of the world." There are rides for all ages. The little ones can appreciate Kiddy Kingdom, Planet Snoopy, the Gemini Children's Area and Camp Snoopy. For the individuals who are bold enough there are numerous rides for the youthful and youthful on a basic level. There are water rides, thrill rides and crazy rides, which incorporates Calypso, Chaos, Matterhorn and the Witches' Wheel, just to give some examples. The Columbus Zoo is an absolute necessity check whether you are searching for spots to visit in Ohio. There are numerous segments of the zoo that house the various species that live here. Animal Encounters Village, My Barn, Kangaroo Walkabout and the Reptile Keeper Lab are only a couple of the ones you will appreciate. When visiting the Columbus Zoo, you will see warm blooded creatures, reptiles, feathered creatures and creatures of land and water.

Hiking in the Rarely Visited Baltic States

In a little corner of North Eastern Europe lie three of the mainlands littlest and least visited nations. The Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania once in a while stand out as truly newsworthy and have a consolidated populace of simply 6.5 million individuals (generally equivalent to London). Anyway as of late the blast of spending air travel in Europe has prompted numerous explorers finding this beguiling area. Despite the fact that the three nations have distinctive etymological and social conventions, they likewise share much practically speaking and a solid bond exists between the Baltic neighbors. The history for each follows a general topic of brief youngster times of freedom followed by a more drawn out time of remote occupation. For half of the twentieth Century they were a piece of the Soviet Union yet their conventional societies by one way or another endure life behind the Iron Curtain and thrived again as the trio picked up freedom in the mid 1990's. Every country has changed essentially in the two decades from that point forward and they have become solid and stable individuals from the European Union which has pulled in more guests to the area. The northernmost and littlest of the three is Estonia yet it has delighted in maybe the smoothest change to post-autonomy life. Estonia has a somewhat unique make-up to the next two nations with a non Indo-European language and close social connects to Finland, a short bounce over the Baltic Sea. Tallinn arranged on the shores of the Baltic is an excellent medieval city that has absolutely held every last bit of it's antiquated appeal. The winter positively adds to its intrigue when snow covers the heavenly mansion and post that ignores the more present day parts of the Estonian capital. There are likewise some interesting historical centers, for example, the Museum of Occupation which reports the long battle for freedom. It's displays incorporate the narrative of how Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians framed a 2,000,000 in number human chain in 1989 interfacing the three capital urban communities in a quiet dissent at Soviet guideline. Quick forward to 2013, Tallinn and furthermore the Latvian capital of Riga have gained notoriety for having probably the most sizzling nightlife in Europe. In spite of the fact that the hole is shutting the district stays a lot less expensive than Western Europe and liquor costs here are maybe 33% of what they would be in close by Scandinavia. Over the previous decade the locale's urban communities have along these lines become an inexorably famous spot for outsiders hoping to party. As a matter of fact a few joints are somewhat obscure, the better bars aren't elusive with a mix of comfortable basement bars and enthusiastic night-clubs providing food for all preferences. Most guests to this district are on short excursions to one of the capitals. That said there are numerous other fascinating spots to find and you can even work out a full hiking course for this edge of Europe. Tartu, in southern Estonia is an enchanting riverside college town worth visiting for a day in the interim over the outskirt in Latvia, Sigulda is maybe the feature. The town has a baffling vibe with strongholds and caverns while daring explorers will appreciate plunging themselves down the Sigulda bobsleigh track. The biggest of the three Baltic States is Lithuania however it is still moderately little and going between any two towns once in a while takes in excess of a few hours. The exceptional engineering and old town of Vilnius rival that of any of the extraordinary antiquated urban communities in Europe. Different towns of intrigue incorporate beach front Klaipeda well known for engaging summer celebrations and the social center of Kaunas in the core of the nation the atmosphere. There is likewise some beautiful open country and a few national stops in Lithuania while the goliath sand rises and sea shores of the Curonian Spit are a wonderful summer fascination. In the event that you get a genuine preference for the locale, there are a lot of chances to broaden your outing past the outskirts of the three Baltic states. From Tallinn it's just a two hour ship to Helsinki while close by St Petersburg is another brilliant city arranged on the shores of the cold Baltic Sea and is effectively open by means of train or ship. Toward the south is the impossible to miss Russian oblast of Kaliningrad and furthermore quickly creating Poland which has numerous incredible spots to visit.

Top 10 Landscapes in India

For a landmass stretching across diverse climates, India presents varied landscapes that are awe-inspiring to say the least. From arid dry deserts to glacial mountain peaks, untainted white coastlines to the lush greenery and rich foliage, India is home to diverse scenes that are associated with various parts of the world. Swiss Alps, Sahara desert, Caribbean waters and Amazon rainforest have their South Asian cousins in different regions of India. The Himalayan Range With the majestic Himalayan range of mountains sprawled across the states of Himchal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh in the north-west region of India to Sikkim in the north-central to Arunachal Pradesh. The range found in India are known as the Lesser Himalayas with no less than spectacular sight of the silent snow capped peaks. Mount Kanchendzonga and Nanda Devi are the two highest peaks in the region of India. Glacial backdrops with lush meadows and valleys leading up to the snow-clad peaks offer breathtaking landscapes, stunning sights not easily forgotten. Backwaters - Kerala World renowned backwaters of Kerala are snuggled between banks of swaying trees and coastal communities. The refreshing sight of greenery, accompanied by birdlife, rich flora and the busy locals are intriguing. The backwater cruises, among the weaving waterways, offer a most serene experience set among soothing waters and scenic riverbanks. These sights are complete contrast to the bustling cities in other region of India and are a welcome reprieve to any traveller who may have been overwhelmed by urban mayhem unique to India. River Ganges The lifeline for India and the religious and spiritual artery of the country, River Ganges, stretching over 2 500km, offers astounding sights along its fertile banks. Emerging from a glacier's mouth high in the Himalaya mountains, flowing through mountain gorges in Devprayag and the confluence point of its other sacred sister rivers- Yamuna and Saraswati- in Allahabad where the world's biggest religious festival, Kumbh Mela is held, the waters from this revered river is sacred for many Hindu devotees. The reverence can be seen clearly in Varanasi where the holiest spot of this river is believed to be. Ablutions, cremations and prayers for living and dead are common sight along the river ghats. The alluvial soil along the Indo-Gangetic plains lead to fertile fields of crops, common sights in the rural region of India, where the river continues to makes its way towards its destination in the Bay of Bengal. Konkan coast- Mumbai, Goa, Mangalore With the waves from Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal caressing its lengthy shoreline, India's coastal landscapes are the epitome of picture-perfect seashores. With Goa's beaches being the perennial favourite for seaside tours, the neighbouring coastline offer some of the best views imaginable. The Konkan Coast, starting from Mumbai and leading southwards to Mangalore is dotted with sleepy fishing villages, paddy fields, plantations and coastal dwellings sheltered by the Western Ghats in the background. The scenery along this 700km of coastline can be enjoyed from the journey on the Konkan Railway or private transport. While exploring the picturesque coast, one must travel to the pristine beaches that are worthy rivals of the southern coastline in Goa. Murud, Kashid and Srivardhan are some of the beautiful beaches to be enjoyed along this scenic coast. Hillstations- Ooty, Nilgiri Bolstering the Deccan Plateau, and trailing down the entire west coastal region of India, the Western Ghats is the habitat for 1 000 over species of flora and fauna. This lush abode for nature is also home to India's popular hill stations such as Lonvala, Mahabaleshwar in the north and Ooty and Nilgiri, found in the southern Tamil Nadu, just to name a few of the ranges found along this lengthy stretch of biosphere. Their cooler climates and green valleys, where tribal communities add an enchanting touch to the lush landscape, are popular tour inclusions. Thar Desert- Rajasthan In the northwestern region of India, lies the Thar Desert embracing the western border of Rajasthan. With the scenic Jaisalmer as its closest airport, and fortress city Bikaner and remote desert town, Barmer nearby, Thar desert's arid sandy landscape is easily accessible. There are camel safaris and jeep rides available to enjoy sights of sand dunes and the natives' mud houses with traditional designs paintings. In this golden landscape of sandy waves, centres of desert handicrafts as well as picnic spots with lively night entertainment provide delightful memories. Cave Temples- Maharashtra, Badami, Mumbai In a country filled with magnificent temples- ancient and recently built, cave temples stand out for their outstanding architecture and carvings out of the most primitive substance- rock and sandstone. There are numerous spectacular cave temples in many region of India. Of the the oldest cave temples in India are believed to be the Ellora caves in Maharashtra- over 30 of them show the religious harmony of the ancient times. These caves, whose construction began in the 5th century AD and continued til 9th century, are dedicated to the three main religions of the ancient times- Hinduisim, Buddhism and Jainism. Ajanta caves, some distance from Ellora caves and belonging to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, is another fine specimen of cave temples overlooking a narrow river gorge. With a waterfall part of its horse-shoe shaped steep slope, these mural filled caves are revered for the Buddhist art masterpieces. The picturesque caves at Badami were built during early Chalukyan reign. Their elegant architecture and rich carvings are dedicated to Hindu deities, to Jain saints and others used as Buddhist monasteries. Other remarkable cave temples set among the beautiful surroundings include the Elephanta and Kanheri caves in Mumbai region. Joining a tour to visit these primeval sites is never time spent in futility. National parks and Wildlife sanctuaries It seems only natural that a country blessed with such rich and diverse landscapes have dedicated sites protecting and preserving nature's bounty of flora and fauna. The renowned Kaziranga National Park and Corbett National Park are home to astounding landscape of raw beauty inhabited by variety of wildlife. Savannah grasslands, hilly ridges of deciduous forests and lifeline riverbanks are dominant features in Corbett National Park in Uttar Pradesh and Uttrachanal. Kaziranga National Park in Assamis characterized by its tall grasslands with parcels of semi-evergreen forests, and the significantly rich banks for the Brahmaputra river. Even within less rural areas such as Mumbai region, the Sanjay Gandhi National Park celebrates the rich birdlife and fauna in the picturesque woods. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala is another fascinating river landscape, which plays the role of a nucleus to the diverse ecosystem including multitude of flower species, wildlife and birdlife harboured by deciduous forests, grasslands and tropical evergreens. The Desert National Park in Jaisalmer is another fine example of the contrasting landscapes of India. Waterfalls The multitude of waterfalls found in almost every region of India will mesmerize all visitors, especially those reward-deserving trekkers and hikers. Several of the waterfalls in India are the vista destinations at the end of trek trails. One of the highest waterfalls in South Asia is the untiered Jog Falls, in Karnataka, a spectacular cluster of towering falls with uninterrupted frothy white streams pounding on the rocky bottom. Abbey Falls, near Madikeri is another popular tour attraction. Surrounded by coffee and spice plantations, with a nearby bridge at a vantage point, this roaring falls can be heard distance away while enthralling those in its presence. Lakes There are natural and man-made lakes found in every region of India. While enhancing the picturesque surroundings, they are popular with travelers and locals. These grounds surrounding the lakes also provide excellent spots for picnics while boating is common on the calm waters. Dal Lake in Srinagar is renowned for the wooden houseboats, one of its main tourist attractions. Lake Pichola in Udaipur is the beautiful backdrop for the renowned Lake Palace as its cousin Jai Mahal in Jaipur. Besides recreation, lakes also hold religious significance for devotees. Pushkar lake, also in Rajasthan is revered as a sacred site, surrounded by numerous temples and ghats used for cleansing and bathing by the Hindus. Tulsi lake, a fresh water lake is found within the Borivali National Park of Mumbai serves as a reservoir. Its strategic location near the catchment area of the hill ranges, Powai-Kanheri allows the lake to supply drinking waters to part of the Mumbai city. Lakes in India serve a myriad of purposes while remaining a scenic part of the surroundings.

South India Attractions - Simply Out Of The World

South India is a land surcharged with captivating visitor goals overflowing with attractions. Its characteristic excellence and rich social legacy consolidate together to make it a success with traveler. Encompassed by the mystical Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and Bay Of Bengal, South India is an exemplification of characteristic excellence. Its shifted atmospheres and topography are the variables behind its rich bio-assorted variety. A portion of India's acclaimed untamed life goals are found right now. From captivating sea shores to capturing backwaters, hypnotizing slope stations, beguiling towns, extraordinary untamed life goals, wonderful sanctuaries and reviving Ayurvedic kneads, South India has a great deal to catch your heart. This goal is regent for a visit, be it special first night or family visit. The magnificent goals of South India, for example, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Pondicherry offer an assortment of captivating attractions. Kerala: Prominently know as God's Own Country, Kerala is the most celebrated goal of South India. Its sea shores, backwaters, slope stations, untamed life and Ayurveda pull in voyagers from great distances abroad. It is genuinely an encapsulation of excellence. It is the best spot for Ayurveda on earth. Tamil Nadu: It is notable for its acclaimed Meenakshi Temple, which is a compositional miracle. Wonderfully painted in splendid hues, the sanctuary has splendid design. Different attractions here are slope stations, natural life asylums, sea shores, journeys and surrenders. Karnataka: Holding its own novel appeal, this goal is famous for its Hampi ruins. Likewise investigate its entrancing attractions like sanctuaries, untamed life, sea shores and gives in. Pondicherry: It is the land offering common magnificence and peacefulness in bounty. Its tranquil air is really soul warming. One can likewise appreciate French culture here. Andhra Pradesh: Its rich social legacy perfectly reflects in its sanctuaries, landmarks, notable destinations and cooking. It additionally offers attractions like lakes, slope stations, untamed life and cascades.

Ministro Pistarini International Airport, Argentina

The Ministro Pistarini International Airport, frequently alluded to as the Ezeiza International Airport, is found only outside of Buenos Aires. It is a world-class activity, with flights from many nations speaking to four landmasses landing and taking off here. Indispensable Statistics: Ministro Pistarini International Airport * Located at GMT - 3 time zone * Two terminals with a secured walkway between them; a third terminal is being constructed. * Telephone +54(0)11 5480 6111 * Car rentals in Terminal A * Departure charges incorporate, for household flights: $6.05 air terminal duty, $1 security charge. For territorial: $8 air terminal expense, $2.50 security charge. For worldwide: $18 air terminal assessment, $2.50 security, and $10 migration charge. There may likewise be an Airport Improvement Fee. * You can find support whenever from air terminal workers, particular by their brilliant red uniform coats. To find a workable pace from the air terminal, you're best off taking a Manuel Tienda Leon transport to the downtown area; these transports run at regular intervals and get you to Madero Terminal shortly. Open transports come all the more habitually and cost less, yet will take more like two hours to get you downtown. Cabs and remises (chauffeured autos) are likewise accessible outside every terminal, except the Manuel Tienda Leon transport will get you downtown similarly as quick. You'll discover a lot of enhancements at this, the biggest air terminal in South America. An obligation free shop is accessible, just as cash trade, ATMs, a 24-hour bank, eateries, bars, and bistros. In Terminal A, you'll discover the visitor data work area. There's acceptable Internet access here, and you can lease a cell phone for nearby use. About The Airport Ministro Pistarini International Airport was worked in 1944 with three intersection runways; today, one runway is shut for air traffic, however it's despite everything utilized for refueling and different administrations, yet the two long strips still accessible are more than sufficient for the air terminal's needs. It is a terminal for several universal flights day by day, and the center for every global course of Aerolineas Argentinas. Notwithstanding business traveler flights, this air terminal serves freight and military air traffic. It isn't just the biggest air terminal in South America, however was named the best air terminal in 2005. It is, be that as it may, experiencing redesign and extension right presently to incorporate the structure of a third terminal, reestablish the third runway, and assemble a fourth runway. The entire venture is scheduled for finish by 2011, however it is being disclosed piece by piece, with the principal significant culmination in 2008: the initial 30,000 square feet of the new terminal. Luxury Details As of this composition, there are nine counter help and three table assistance eateries at this air terminal, just as various cafés and bistros. Anticipate that this number should increment when the new terminal beginnings coming on the web. Business voyagers will discover this air terminal well disposed without a doubt. Celebrity travel administrations are accessible on the highest floor of every terminal, and incorporate shower offices, relax, a bar, faxing, fast Internet, and private phones. Since most inns are found a reasonable good ways from the air terminal, utilizing the VIP club for stops between flight legs is a generally excellent approach to invigorate, unwind, and revive yourself. Visitor Warnings/Things You Should Know It is insightful to place anything significant in your portable gear, not your handled baggage, while at this air terminal. There have been issues as of late at the air terminal with security administrators taking things in handled baggage of little size yet extraordinary worth: gems, computerized cameras, mobile phones, even aroma or chocolate. To maintain a strategic distance from dissatisfaction, attempt to keep such things in your carry-on and check to be certain they're still there after you experience security. Visas are a bit much for trips under 90 days. On the off chance that you have not been immunized against intestinal sickness, typhoid, cholera, or polio, it's a smart thought to get these shots before visiting Venezuela. Cholera is certainly not a necessary inoculation, however the other three must be recorded so as to get into the nation. On the off chance that you do happen to become ill here, you may need to settle in advance for clinical consideration, so be set up with money or have travel protection and evidence of it to cover this kind of crisis.

Austin - The Best City in Texas? Reconsider

I simply read an article on that recorded the best urban areas right now for work development. A large number of those urban communities are in Texas, and Austin is positioned #1 on the rundown. The reasons refered to are many, including a positive business atmosphere, innovation activities, and coordinated effort among organizations and UT (the University of Texas). By and large, Texas is the main state across the country encountering any activity development. Why? It is a traditionalist, monetarily capable state, with an enhanced economy benevolent to business. Be that as it may, everyone needs to live in Austin, in light of the fact that tastefully, it is an extremely pretty city. Settled in the Hill Country of focal Texas, Austin offers slopes, trees, lakes, deer, and excellent landscape. I lived in Austin for a long time, from 1996 to 2008. Today I live in Houston. At the point when individuals in different pieces of Texas consider Austin, the primary thing they ask me is "Goodness it's so pretty, how might you be able to ever leave?" But that is just a shallow view, and I'll disclose to you why - just as why it really may not be the best city in the country for work development - all dependent on firsthand information and experience. With a populace of under 1 million, not including the more prominent Austin territory, Austin qualifies as a medium estimated city. It likewise happens to be the capital of Texas. Like most state capitals, Austin is certifiably not a significant city. It is a curious school town. In contrast to Houston, there is no genuine industry in Austin; the three greatest managers are: 1) The State of Texas, 2) The University of Texas, and 3) the High-Tech industry, which incorporates Silicon Valley firms and Internet new businesses. In Austin, compensation are low, and costs are high. Why would that be? All things considered, above all else, the State is probably the biggest business, and truly, the State is a low-pay substance. Second, Austin isn't just the capital of Texas, it is additionally a school town, and along these lines the market is overwhelmed with profoundly instructed school graduates ready to work for anything just to remain in Austin. You can disregard arranging an employment proposition in light of the fact that except if you take the compensation you are offered, no doubt there are in any event at least 20 exceptionally qualified competitors arranged right behind you who are happy to take a similar activity. These two variables join to stifle compensation no matter how you look at it. In addition, the State tops compensations (as does any administration work, as a result of the compensation scale), and the businesses in the cutting edge division (Dell, FreeScale, AMD, and so forth.) are constantly laying off and scaling down so your activity is consistently in peril. At the point when we lived there, I knew numerous individuals in cutting edge who were continually searching for a new position or changing starting with one organization then onto the next. In the mid 1990s, an enormous influx of cutting edge firms from Silicon Valley opened assembling offices in Austin, which added to work development. Individuals moving from out of state chuckled at the fact that it was so economical to buy a house contrasted with California, and costs went up. Today, land in Austin is overrated. In addition, it is the most costly city in Texas to the extent typical cost for basic items. Everything (cafés, food supplies, gas, cleaning, and so on) costs more, and it includes. Property charges are higher as well. So after some time, Austin has transformed into a city of low follow through on and significant expenses. Individuals giggle in dismay when I state it, yet Austin is as yet a humble community from numerous points of view. Many individuals who live there are initially from littler towns in different pieces of Texas: fundamentally Del Rio, Victoria, Corpus Christi, and Wichita Falls, so to these transplants, Austin is a "major city." Furthermore, Austinites don't care for untouchables, and except if you are an individual from a specific "gathering" - ie. an alum of UT, politically associated, or a local Austinite, you will run into a ton of shut entryways. Take my brother by marriage for example. He has lived in Austin for more than 10 years and filled in as VP of a non-benefit association. He was prepared to accept greater accountability, so he went after a position as the official chief of another association, however didn't land the position. Rather, it was offered to a neighborhood government official's sister. So despite the fact that my brother by marriage was the most qualified up-and-comer, he wasn't the most politically associated applicant. While I understand that this sort of thing can happen anyplace whenever, for reasons unknown it is progressively common in Austin. Another companion of mine's sibling moved to Austin from Oklahoma City. A legal advisor, he attempted to get his private work on moving. An untouchable, he was unable to get any business in Austin, and wound up moving back to Oklahoma. These are genuinely common models, and it just demonstrates that individuals and spot matter. As a city, Houston has a great deal to offer. For one thing, individuals are significantly increasingly open and tolerating of newcomers. It is a lot simpler to get set up and make companions or potentially business associations. Second, there is significantly more to do, as far as diversion, and the social scene is unparalleled to the extent live theater and a world class Museum of Fine Arts. Houston is likewise a city of lucrative occupations and a lower typical cost for basic items - particularly with regards to land - so your cash goes much farther than in Austin. Also, I'll let you in on another little mystery: there are puts in Houston (The Woodlands) and different pieces of Texas that are similarly as lovely as Austin!

Coronavirus and Getting to Know God - Psalm 46-10

We will decipher song 46-10 "be still and realize that I am God" all the more exhaustively close to the furthest limit of this article. It will clarify exactly how significant this specific song is for people at this exceptional time. Be that as it may, for the time being, by method of including setting, let us recognize upon how natural life completes its relating obligations for their endurance, and how people, as the predominant creatures, think about. The flying creatures, honey bees and the fish Have you at any point watched a herd of flying creatures quickly dive upwards in to the sky and unexpectedly winding downwards in a moment? So also, with reefs of fish, how they dart one way and afterward somersault toward another path in a split second and at the same time. Amazing, I'm certain you will concur. From the human point of view, feathered creature running conduct is really worth reflecting upon in the present coronavirus circumstance. The inquiry is: for what design would they say they are acting in such synchronized style? The appropriate response is they are supplicating Balanced development flying - and quick scramble development of fish - permits them impart or associate with their source, their "god", which - for the entirety of the non-human species on earth - is Nature. As such, Nature gives the winged animals and all land creatures, including the marine life, with all they have to "know" on endurance in their current condition. Even vee arrangement flying by different feathered creatures, is likewise for a similar explanation: they're in contact with their directing hotspot for repenising vitality fuel for their transitory excursion. Such is the means by which they get indispensable instinctive direction to taking care of spots en route. 'Running' places flying creatures into expectant mode, they 'envision' - we should call this expectation winged animal confidence or supplication - and afterward, when this instinctive change starts, is gotten inside the herd cognizance - produced by Nature - at that point alter of course spreads immediately however the entire run in an influx of dynamical insight. Herd flying speaks to bunch mindfulness, where no individual winged animal is in control. It's the means by which they keep refreshed, about one another and the most recent endurance data. At that point we have the awesome honey bees. Viewed as a social creepy crawly, honey bees are laborers, flying exclusively for a gathering reason which is to take care of and support the hive. They don't fly for the love of flying yet basically to discover nectar and afterward return it with the goal that the hive benefits. Since we're totally associated with a similar all inclusive life-power, when we consider it, the idea of fowls, fish and creepy crawlies imploring bodes well. There are simply such a large number of 'supplicating' presences occurring all the while inside this wonderful Eco-arrangement of witch much is overlooked or underestimated. What's more, have you seen, among all the decent varieties of nature's occupants - enormous and minuscule - they never set out to hurt or upset the common habitat. On the off chance that solitary mankind could be that way, we may well inquire. Realism Along these lines, what has nature-sustaining to do with the current world pandemic: Coronavirus. All things considered, as we will see, it has a ton to do with it, especially concerning how people may profit by the methodology adjusted by our co-occupants here on earth. As referenced before, rushing winged animals, bumble bees and reef fish, and numerous different species, don't work independently while in supplication, rather everything is proposed toward characteristic run or gathering species endurance Presently this article isn't about country slamming, a long way from it. Be that as it may, industrialism universally would appear to be wild, and it doesn't feel right This coronavirus treat is tutoring us in an endurance exercise: Nature is attempting to reveal to us something significantly unpretentious in extremely unforgiving and unrefined detail..On one level, in the midst of all the anguish, the open door for change emerges. And keeping in mind that coronavirus will pass indeed, it's message of progress will wait until we've each accepted the nature-message intellectually. Thus with a dangerous atmospheric devation, we will need to grapple with a fresh start, another arrangement of fundamental or home facts, another request for material needs, to put it plainly, another request for cognizance. Take material items for occasions and the current commercialization blast. In meeting this outlandish material item request, innovation is extending past what numerous shoppers can strongly deal with both intellectually and inwardly. Also the drawn out impacts of plastic on the earth. The accentuation is by all accounts on amazing countries getting exclusively keen on keeping up its own 'energetic' predominance, as though the remainder of the world run doesn't exist or doesn't make a difference in the worldwide condition. That, geologically, certain individuals get food-took care of while others less blessed can be overlooked. Narrowing it down Suppose, by method of clarification, there is this large scale national strength outlook, and inside that there is simply the miniaturized scale intrigue just mentality. One is taking care of off the other and the pattern of national strength close by singular personal responsibility just proceed with unabated. Presently, obviously, there's nothing amiss with assisting individual and national innovativeness, indeed, it's completely normal for people to be imaginative - this is the manner by which we're wired. Be that as it may, this over-accentuation on 'me' mine' 'our own' has arrived at immersion point. Nature's intrinsic insight has gotten on this: that something is out of equalization on this planet. Arrived at our cycle limit Realism, fantasy, and its related degree of awareness, has taken mankind to its uttermost purpose of this specific eagerness vanquish dream cycle. And keeping in mind that it's through patterns of development that mankind advances, at the quantum level, in human development terms, it's not so much about natural selection, or, who can turn into the most grounded and most impressive country, partnership or individual, or who among us can fly the most elevated confidence banner. Coronavirus is helping to remember what we've been over-looking, which is: Nature remembers - it reflects back to us precisely what we convey. Consequently, Nature's message, for our more prominent great, is to realign and build up an otherworldly enormous awareness. Around there, the edified Rishis of old India I accept knew the genuine mystery of the real world. In any case, some place along the long hall of time this unadulterated shrewdness has been disfigured and weakened into importance something altogether unique. Lost in interpretation, we could state. This pandemic is reminding that our needs are totally turned around and out of synchronization with the regular laws of Nature. These laws are genuine and distinct and require severe adherence to. Contingent upon the attitude, they will serve us either decidedly or contrarily. In this manner be cautious about how our psyche's are being framed and molded.. We've become artificialized Humankind has become over-troubled intellectually and genuinely in this manner making numerous sorts of new and unnatural strains and stressors inside the human physiology. The adapted mentality shows up, that, basically by taking certain meds, there is no reason to worry. A modified mentality, that, when these issues are conceal misleadingly, from a pharmacological perspective, at that point this is fine. Yet, it's not fine. Since these outlooks don't simply disappear, they've become subliminal examples or compulsion attitudes. In this way, multiplication of indication obliviousness molding proceeds in ceaselessness. We've become nearly sense-stifled - simulation is the new lord. This human deadness to the real world and the common habitat has prompted interminable gatherings of outrage and discontent inside the human mind. It has gotten to the heart of the matter, that, our once methods for characteristic bliss have gotten obstructed by corporate greed and abuse. As opposed to bliss being a basic normal decision of will, quite a bit of this outlet has transformed into enterprises which for some can prompt addictive and impulsive examples of conduct. Indeed, even a significant part of the 'keen' progress unfortunately, for some, is at the field of characteristic soul improvement and between close to home movement. Individuals are currently strolling and gazing entrancing like into a dreamland for the most recent deceptive world tattle. What standard of advancement does this speak to? Climb Consciousness We're each made for Ascension unto God-Consciousness. This procedure happens inside. Profound obliviousness is the thing that squares progress here. We're not intended for staying at base camp degree of numbness inconclusively coronavirus tips worldometer. To start Ascension out of otherworldly numbness, an alignment of psyche is required. This being a quiet integratory venture, everything starts with mental quietness. Substantially, everything changes. Be that as it may, on the other hand, at our center soul level, we're each Changeless, undying and everlasting. We're each the unceasing Spirit.Therefore, this Ascension procedure prompts spiritualizing the body and mindfulness into knowing the Changeless Christ Standard inside awareness. Consequently, connection to the material world and personal circumstance just, is in opposition to our actual nature. This 'opposite' conduct sticks and darkens our Immortal Christ nature. In eastern culture, which I accept is more development in the region of otherworldly soul advancement, this obliviousness or connection to realism, is known as Maya - bogus recognizable proof.

The Best Temples of Gwalior Madhya Pradesh

Gwalior is a city wealthy in structural wonders. The city was developed out of appreciation of the King Suraj Kund to the loner Gwalipa for restoring his lethal illness named Leprosy. The city can be visited during the long periods of September to November and February to March. It very well may be reached through the local air terminal which has associations with Delhi, Bhopal, Bombay and Indore. It is popular in lodging best sanctuaries viewed as prime goal of the land. These blessed places in Gwalior Madhya Pradesh are exceptionally old. They likewise show excellent building splendor. The best sanctuaries of Gwalior are the Sasbahu Temple, Teli Ka Mandir and Surya Mandir. Sasbahu Temple of Gwalior is renowned in having uncommon able structural plans and displaying a great love. Lord Mahipala finished the development of this sanctuary in the year 1092 AD. He committed the sanctuary in respect to Lord Vishnu, the most kind hearted among the Hindu Gods for giving by and large achievement and thriving to his realm. The sanctuary got its name from Sahastrabahu, the one with numerous hands, unexpectedly additionally called to Lord Vishnu. The name Sahastrabahu was later on changed into its current day name, Sas Bahu. The entryway of Sass Bahu Temple includes a subtitle in Sanskrit. Its entryway gives a breathtaking sight of the Indian Trinity. These are Lord Brahma known as the maker, Lord Shiva additionally called the Destroyer and Lord Vishnu alluded as the Preserver. It is alluded to the two remarkable sanctuaries in various sizes that remain close to one another. The bigger one of these structures has been flawlessly decorated and adorned with beautiful molded statuettes. The top of bigger sanctuary glances intriguing in its great lotus cutting. The mainstays of this sanctuary show handy work of engineering. Its dividers have likewise engravings of smooth images and figures. Teli Ka Mandir Temple likewise called oilman's sanctuary is the most great and tallest sanctuary in the Gwalior Fort. This sanctuary stands of around 100 feet and is an occasion of a Prathihara Vishnu sanctuary. The structure has special format plan and plan. This tall sanctuary doesn't have mandapa or pillared corridor contrasted with different sanctuaries of Gwalior. Aside from this, the sanctuary has an asylum alongside a yard and an entryway that leads into the inward segment of the sanctuary the chamber. Further more, the top of the sanctuary has Dravidian appearance. The figures inside the sanctuary are essentially instances of Indo Aryan. There is astounding figure of Garuda that crowns the high entryway of this fascinating structure of Gwalior historical places in maharashtra information. A few pictures on showed at Teli Ka Mandir complex would include: flying Garuda the vehicle of Lord Vishnu, snaked snakes, enthusiastic couples and figures of waterway goddesses. Ultimately, Surya Mandir is otherwise called Sun Temple arranged a ways off of roughly 5 kilometers from the downtown area of Gwalior. It was the prestigious industrialist of India, G.D Birla who constructed this lovely sanctuary in 1988. The notable Sun Temple at Konark in Orissa was the motivation of the building style and example of this superb creation. The fundamental door of this recently developed sanctuary shows pictures of the sun. The mainstays of the sanctuary have indication of the insignia planned on earthen pot called the purnakumbha. This Hinduism representative article speaks to God and is ordinarily utilized during different strict adores and rituals. The sanctuary has outsides developed from red sand stone and keeping in mind that its inside was worked out of white marble. At the premises stands the lovely figure of Lord Surya. There is additionally very much kept up garden inside the scene around the sanctuary.

Indian Hill Stations Beckon You for a Celestial Travel Experience

The slope stations of India are overcharged with stunning normal magnificence and pull in vacationers from great distances abroad. The superb mountains secured with day off, wonderful valleys sprouting with blossoms, falling cascades, the salubrious atmosphere, cool wind and beautiful environmental factors of the slope station leave the sightseers totally hypnotized. Desert the drudgery of day by day life and let free in the mysterious appeal of the slope withdraws. You can rest in the midst of such great condition and invigorate yourself as far as possible. Also, on the off chance that you are somebody who adores experience sports, at that point of India slope stations have a great deal to offer. One can appreciate experience sports like journeying, outdoors, snow skiing and waterway boating. Probably the most celebrated slope stations of India are: Shimla It is a notable slope retreat which is prominently known as the 'Sovereign of slope stations'. It brags of amazing common magnificence, greenery, snow-secured mountain tops, dazzling cascades, lakes, valleys and a lot more attractions. Situated in the charming territory of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla is a success with honeymooners. The Ridge street, the Mall and Jakhu sanctuary are the must-visit attractions of Shimla. The best an ideal opportunity to visit this goal is from September to February. Manali Manali is mainstream among nature and experience darlings. Vacationers from great distances abroad come here to journey their hunger for experience. This goal brags of regular magnificence and experience as well as of a rich social legacy. Rotang Pass, Arjun Gufa, Hadimba Devi sanctuary, Manikaran are the most well known attractions of Manali. Darjeeling It is a goal of sheer common magnificence, natural air, pleasant environmental factors, superb atmosphere and the amicable individuals. Perched in the midst of the Himalayas it offers stunning perspectives on Mount Kanchenjunga( the world's third most elevated pinnacle) and Mount Everest (the world's most elevated pinnacle). The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is a World Heritage Site. It is prevalently known as the Darjeeling toy train. The different popular attractions of Darjeeling are tea gardens, tiger slope, Rangeet valley traveler ropeway, Llyods greenhouse and some more. Kodaikanal Situated in South India, Kodaikanal is a paradisiacal goal bragging lush slants, entrancing cascades and sharp rough outcrops. Khandala It is a famous vacationer goal of the territory of Maharashtra. Its characteristic magnificence will without a doubt leave you hypnotized maharashtra hill station map. It is undeniably situated on the western slants of the Sahyadri mountain run. Lonavala Populary known as the gem of the Sahyadri Mountains this slope station is additionally situated in Maharashtra. Ooty It is an entrancing spot to visit. Situated in South India in the midst of very delightful Nilgiri Hills, Ooty offers attractions like lake, greenhouses, journeying and climbing openings, beautiful greenery, plantations of peaches and plums, tea nurseries and substantially more.

Three Must Visit Hill Stations in South India

South locale is blessed with verdant zones, falling cascades, slope stations, serene feeling, sublime sanctuaries and lost more. All these awe inspiring attractions can be investigated in various goals of southern piece of India. On the off chance that you need to investigate these draws of the district, at that point you would profit the advantage of South India visit, which is the best source to discover the genuine appeal of the South India. Southern piece of India is one of the eminent zones across India. By and large, the greater part of the recently married or honeymooners do get a kick out of the chance to come here and furthermore need to invest their exceptional energy with friends and family. While visiting, anybody would plan to go for the stunning slope stations of South India and spend critical get-aways out there. Additionally, there are such huge numbers of mountain stations situated in southern piece of India like Devikulam, Ooty, Munnar, Kodaikanal, Coonoor, etc. These mountain stations are rich with satisfying just as dazzling vibe. All these places of interest can be found in differing conditions of the zone viz. Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and so forth. Here, we are giving you scarcely any brief looks at three mountain stations of southern piece of India which are must to visit: I. Ooty slope station ii. Kodaikanal slope station iii. Munnar slope station In beneath text, you can get the data about the mountain stations: Ooty slope station is arranged in Tamilnadu. This meeting spot is likewise famous as "Sovereign of Hill Stations". This goal is honored with various attractions like Madhumalai untamed life asylum, Ooty lake, Botanical nurseries, Rose nurseries and some more. Other than it, this spot is the ideal for the honeymooners just as recently wedded couples. Anybody can likewise go there and go through the exceptional occasions with loved ones. Thus, the magnificent opportunity to visit is in summer. Kodaikanal is one of the peaceful mountain stations in Tamil Nadu. It is situated in the Dindigul region of the state. This spot is otherwise called "Princess of South Stations". You can helpfully locate the mind blowing baits of Kodaikanal slope station, for example, Kodiakanal journeying, Berijam lake, Kukal cavern, Dolphin nose and so on. Also, you can without much of a stretch visit there consistently. Closest Airport: Madurai air terminal (120 km from Kodaikanal) Closest Railway Stations: Kodai street railroad station (80 km), Palani rail line station (64 km) Munnar is in Idukki region of Kerala. Munnar slope station is blessed with fragrant of cardamom brambles, rambling tea manors, hot mountains, healthy atmosphere, etc kotagiri hill stations tamilnadu. Anybody can look out the noticeable charms of this mountain station viz. Anamudi top, Devikulam, Echo Point, Rajamalai natural life haven, CSI Church and parcels more. Other than it, this goal is additionally notable for the experience disciples.

8 Of the Best UK Attractions You Must Visit With Your Family

Voyaging is the most ideal approach to be lost and discovered; all simultaneously. Travel is a food to a couple of globe-trotters. The delight of estimating lengths of streets and investigating new goals is exceptional to any action. Earth is a home to numerous wonderful spots and vivacious experiences; it's simply you who need to choose what direction to proceed onward to locate the one you want the most. From South America to North America, Asia to Africa and Europe to Oceania, there's such a great amount to investigate. Europe, being the home to the old landmarks, structures and culture has consistently pulled in individuals from around the globe. Here are some incredible excursions of the UK you should get for your next occasion outing and give your loved ones an encounter they can always remember. Edinburgh: Edinburgh, the uneven capital of Scotland, is ideal for different social interests in a family day out. From Edinburgh château to the Calton Hill and Scottish national landmark, Edinburgh has a fortune of vacation destinations fulfilling the necessities of all taste. Edinburgh has the minibus visit office inside the city that let your family jump on and off whenever anyplace to best investigate the excellent Edinburgh City. Spots to visit in Edinburgh: The Royal Mile, Camera Obscura and universe of figments, Holyrood Abbey, Art city of Scotland, Princess Street. York: The recorded city of England, York can keep even the most travel crack individual involved for the entire week. York is for the most part known for its mansion since Roman rulers were delegated here however this excellent city has substantially more to offer. In spite of the fact that Spring and summer are the busiest and most costly span, yet there will never be a slow time of year in York. You can appreciate navigating this delightful city with a scope of waterway visits including touring, supper and lunch choices. Spots to visit in York: The Magnificent Minster, National Railway Museum, Clifford's pinnacle, Shambles, Castle Howard. Dorset: Dorset must be on your rundown on the off chance that you are going with kids. In the event that you are a nature admirer and need to get paralyzed by some astonishing ocean sees, Dorset is surely the best spot to escape to for a couple of days. In this little area, you will get a lot of exercises to attempt and a few sea shores to unwind and play on. So give your family and youngsters a radiant and bright outing to Dorset. Spots to visit in Dorset: Weymouth and Portland, Durdle Door, Sherborne Castle, Wareham Forest, Brownsea Island. Glasgow: Scotland's biggest city, loaded with social legacy and green spaces has significantly more to offer. Arranged on the banks of River Clyde, the mechanical city Glasgow has changed into a home of astounding historical centers, workmanship displays and social celebrations. With simple to open up to the world transportation administration, you can appreciate meandering around the city and never get shy of fun. Spots to visit in Glasgow: Glasgow Cathedral, The Tall boat, Riverside Museum, Glasgow Science Center, Willow Tearooms, Sharmanka. London: Britain's capital city London is undoubted of rank one. One can not neglect to be energized by its most astounding attractions. Get an entrancing perspective on the city from contemporary London eye, watch the most valuable fortune at British Museum, visit the memorable Tower of London, meet a big name at Madame Tussauds and the rundown goes on. The best thing about visiting London with family is that open transportation joins are extraordinary. You can without much of a stretch book your private minibus recruit London ahead of time and travel around London's most impressive spots. Cornwall: The UK's most famous vacationer goal Cornwall has numerous brave activities regardless of what climate or time you are visiting the spot. The place that is known for Cornwall is a one of a kind blend of rough bluffs, sandy sea shores, dazzling nurseries, mechanical legacy, astonishing untamed life and some other honor winning attractions that make it a top notch occasion goal. Spots to visit in Cornwall: Botallack Mine, St. Loy, Porthcurno, Tresco Abbey Garden, Camel Estuary, Marazion, Port Eliot house and nursery. Devon: Devon, the greatest province in South West England is considered as having the greatest number of attractions. There's bounty to look over this to keep your family engaged for the entire outing. From playing on the brilliant sand and plunging into the splendid blue ocean to getting a charge out of a tough stroll into the blasting town, Devon has a ton to have a fabulous time. Here you will discover all that you need to do and even significantly more than that you never envisioned most beautiful places in the world to visit. Spots to visit in Devon: Salcombe, Dartmoor, Tarka Trail, Exeter, Beer Beach, Exmoor, Totnes, Powderham Castle, Haldon Forest Park. Manchester: Manchester is notable as the second city of the UK and is the praised focus of expressions, media and advanced education. Cable cars and minibusses make it too simple to meander around the city which is much more prominent when you are going in a gathering. It's an incredible occasion goal for shopaholics, and you can have a great time attempting distinctive interesting things like phantom chasing. Mess around with the bewildering Manchester nightlife.